The New Ford Galaxy Introduced the Ford Galaxy
Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

All the space you need.

Luxury of seven seats, space reigns supreme in the Ford Galaxy.

Experience life in high definition.

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your ford Galaxy.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.

Galaxy's intelligent AWD system monitors where power is needed.

The luxury of power with economy.

All diesel models impress with their refined power and fuel economy.

Reacts before you know it.

Using radar and a camera.

No ordinary headlight.

The headlight system detects different road conditions.

Drive on high beam without the dazzle.

Glare-free high beam stops you from dazzling other road users.

Active Park Assist.

Active Park Assist locates a suitable parking space for your Galaxy.

Hands-free lift-gate.

Opening or closing Galaxy's lift-gate is easy.

Made to measure.

Inside the Galaxy sound absorption materials create harmony.

Less drag, less fuel.

To reduce wind resistance, the active grills shutter opens and closes.

Connects with your voice.

Ford SYNC 2 lets you make and receive hands-free calls.