Ford Care Code


Don't risk your license - avoid penalty points

Your tyres must comply with the legal minimum of [1.6 mm] tread depth. The minimum safety recommendation for summer tyres is 3 mm and 4 mm for winter tyres.

Increased braking distances

Worn tyres could mean that you need up to 70% more braking distance to slow down on a wet road.​

  • 8 mm tread depth = 43 m braking distance
  • 3 mm tread depth = 53 m braking distance

Poor vehicle handling

Worn tyres increase road noise, affect your vehicle's handling making manoeuvres unpredictable.

Save on fuel expenses, increased fuel consumption

Low tyre pressures will cause your car to use more fuel. Filling your tyres 0.1 to 0.3 bar over the recommended level helps reduce road resistance. However, you should never exceed the maximum pressure recommended for driving with a full load.

Don't chance road surfing - aquaplanning

On wet roads worn tyres can result in your car skidding, becoming difficult to handle or loss of control.

  • Less than 1.6 mm tread depth = 73 m braking distance
  • (From a speed of 80 km down to 0 km)

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