Ford Pro™ Software

Ford Pro Software comprises an array of digital tools that deliver actionable Ford commercial vehicle data. In so doing, it helps businesses maximise productivity by facilitating optimal vehicular uptime, safety and security.


Ford Pass Pro

For operators of modem-enabled Ford commercial vehicles, FordPass Pro provides the key to business success, furnishing users with a wide range of essential data.

Among other things, FordPass Pro allows you to:

  • Easily find your nearest charge point
  • Log all journeys, providing you with exportable Business and Personal data
  • Avoid traffic hotspots with real-time alerts

Download Ford Pass Pro

You can download FordPass Pro to your Apple or Android device today and protect your vehicle.

If you need any help setting up your connected vehicle please contact us and one of our vehicle specialists will be in touch.

Ford Telematics Essentials

The free, pared-down version of Ford Telematics – Ford Telematics Essentials - is a fleet-monitoring tool designed for businesses with five or more commercial vehicles. Though not the full package, it nonetheless helps companies to maximise uptime. It does so by providing data on vehicular health, including live alerts, allowing for effective planning.

Ford Telematics

Available with a free three-month trial, Ford Telematics offers the following:

  • Proactive notifications
  • Configurable service alerts
  • Repair workflow management tools
  • Smart dashboards
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Fleet-based solutions
  • Seamless vehicle integration

And much more besides.

New Electric Vehicle Insights

With Ford Pro Telematics, you can keep abreast of your vehicles’ locations, charging statuses, running costs and more.

Always Stay Informed

With the free Ford Telematics Drive app, drivers can quickly inform line managers of any issues.


FORDLiive facilitates smart maintenance decisions by providing data-driven technical support. Once you’re registered, you can use FordPass Pro or Ford Telematics/Essentials to access all the smart support data you need.