FordPass Pro

FordPass Pro. In control and in the know.

Look after up to five commercial vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. So you can focus on the work.

Available for both Apple & Android Smartphones

Ford Pass Pro image

Effortless Connectivity

Connect to your Ford, wherever you are

The new FordPass Connect modem makes your journeys easier. Discover a range of features in your vehicle, and on your smartphone, that work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

Get Alerted If Issues Arise

Access Your Vehicle Remotely​

Check The Health Of Your Vehicles

Stay Connected

FordPass Pro is designed for new commercial vehicles that come with FordPass Connect. Our built-in modem keeps you effortlessly connected with your vehicles wherever you are. Giving you all the features you need to keep your business moving.