Mazda6 Saloon Introduced the Mazda6 EX­HIL­AR­A­TION AND EL­EG­ANCE IN ONE


A high performance saloon.

SKYACTIV Technology gives you impressive power and fuel efficiency.

Stay connected to work and family with MZD Connect.

Soul of Motion design gives the Mazda6 a strong, musuclar presence.

Advanced technology and exceptional fuel consumption.

An athletic exterior.

The Mazda6 body styling is a dynamic evolution of our KODO - Sould of Motion design.

Inspired by the smooth power and agility of the cheetah.

This car has a sporty flair that expresses motion, provoking an emotional response from the start.

The Mazda6 has a dynamic looking exterior.

A high-spec interior.

The interior feels spacious and as well designed as a business class cabin.

Each new feature is perfectly integrated.

The Mazda6 features high quality design, materials, ergonomics and innovation.

Including the MZD Connect system.

Outstanding environmental performance.

Delivering a leading environmental performance without compromising the pleasure of your driving performance.

The Mazda6 uses the full array of SKYACTIV Technology.

We have created a car with an advanced environmental performance.

Provides better power than other cars in the segment.