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Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Built Ford tough.

The Ranger: Quality that's built to last.

Four wheel drive.

Power, torque and an abundance of traction.

Intelligent technologies.

Contribute to a more secure driving experience.

New technology to keep you connected.

In business you've got to stay in touch to stay ahead.

Made to work.

If you want it done right, let your Ranger do it.

Take your pick-up anywhere.

'Go anywhere. Do anything' sums up the design brief of the Ranger.

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​The best for your business.

Your new Ranger is so capable.

Some cargo wants to know if you're there yet.

Ford Ranger is designed to offer a car-like driving experience.

Get the most from your new Ford.

Designed to safely carry payload and load volume.

Making life easy.

Finance, insurance, service and assistance makes like easier.

Colours and trims.

Owing its beautiful exterior to a multi-stage painting process.

Eberspacher fuel-fired heater.

Pre-warms the engine for easier starting and heats the cabin area.

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