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Leon ST

Seat Leon SC

Versatility turned into a vehicle.

The Seat Leon has been designed to awe you.

Space for everything.

Outstanding capacity with up to 1470L available.

Big time tech.

The Seat Leon ST includes advanced technology.

A family matter.

Taking the safety of its occupants very seriously.

Sustainable DNA.

Let's develop a more sustainable future together.

Suiting your needs.

Add more functionalities and accessories to your ST.

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We've got you covered.

We want your Seat experience to be enjoyable and easy.

The best parking companion.

Squeeze into tight spots with the rear view camera.

The ultimate traction system.

The ST is a really versatile estate car without a doubt.

Smart gearshift.

Combining an automatic and manual.

Technology to enjoy.

Keeping you connected to your digital world.

The easiest way to anywhere.

Voice recognition lets you ask your Navi for directions.

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