Leon SC

Seat Leon SC

Awake your inner Leon.

The Seat Leon SC is a sporter version of the 5D.

A green impulse.

Let's develop a more sustainable future together.

We've got you covered.

Our aim is to provide the best assistance and service.

The king of the city roads.

Sharp, lighter than ever and so good-looking.

Dragging your attention.

The exterior combines a smooth and slightly curvy shape.

Designed for coziness.

The interior is as beautiful and attractive as the exterior.

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Cutting the wind.

Equipped with front and rear fenders.

Technological flagship.

Fully equipped with the most advanced technology.

The best parking companion.

Squeeze into tight spots and avoid scrapes.

The smoothest gearshift.

Combining an automatic and manual.

Technology to enjoy.

Keeping you connected to your digital world.

Safe is its middle name.

The sportiest Seat Leon SC is as powerful as it is safe.

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