All new Ford Focus

Ford Focus

The Focus just got even better.

The new Focus has a sleek exterior and elegant new grille.

Use your voice like another pair of hands.

Ford SYNC 2 lets you make and receive hands-free calls.

Active Park Assist helps you find a space.

Active Park Assist can steer you into parallel parking spaces.

Adaptive Cruise Control.

Ford Focus combined cruise control and distance control.

Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid.

There are two key features of the Ford Lane Keeping System.

LED daytime running lights.

Offers increased visibility to other road users.

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Traffic Sign Recognition.

Designed to automatically read standard format road speed signs.

A feel for comfort.

Great care has been taken in designing the trims for the new Focus.

Intelligent Protection System.

The Intelligent Protection System (IPS) keeps you protected.

360 Protection

The new Focus uses sensors to monitor the road all around you.

More fuel efficiency. Lower emissions.

The new diesel engine will provide a balance of power and economy.

Tailor to suit.

Our range of high-quality seat trims lets you build the perfect interior.

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