Discover how connected technology makes owning a Ford better than ever.

Unlock a whole new world of connected features.

FordPass Connect

FordPass Connect is a built-in modem that enables you to stay as connected in your car as you are at home. The technology unlocks a range of connected features that become even more powerful when paired with the FordPass app.

Your key to a more connected world

The new FordPass Connect modem makes your journeys easier. Discover a range of features in your vehicle, and on your smartphone, that work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

Key Features include:

  • Local Hazard Information:

FordPass Connect can alert you to local driving hazards, such as road works, objects in the road or even a broken-down vehicle up ahead. Your Ford receives information from any nearby connected vehicles, as well as other local sources, such as the public incident database. If your vehicle is informed of an approaching hazard, a warning will be displayed in the digital display telling you the type of hazard and its distance from you. This enables you to be better prepared and, if necessary, find an alternative route.

  • Up-to-date traffic information
Live Traffic§ enhances your SYNC 3 Navigation system* by delivering up to date traffic updates. This is our most accurate and up to date navigation system ever, and includes traffic information for all roads, rather than just the major roads. The technology then adjusts your recommended route based on the traffic conditions, helping you to arrive more relaxed and on time.