Are the Ford Transit Vans Reliable

Between the Ford Custom and the Ford Connect, you want to make sure that the Ford van is up for the task you have for it. Of course without frequent servicing and maintenance any work vehicle won't be able to perform the work required. 
With that, you'll be glad to know that the Ford brand is all about reliability, and the Ford Custom and Connect vans are no exception! In last years poll (as shown by Fleet News: Ford vans were considered the Most Reliable Van Manufacturer of 2023, and there's no reason why that would change!
Ford vans from 2018 onwards have been incredibly reliable for commercial customers. And from our end here at Colton Motors, if you're worried if it isn't modular enough we've got you covered! Colton Motors has a great selection of Ford Transit Customs and Connects for you to choose from.
So give us a call today to get a great commercial vehicle today!