How Much for a New Car in 2024?

After the spend from Christmas, a lot of people who are interested in getting a new car tend to hold off, and not without good reason! Everything else around us price-wise is soaring, so why wouldn't cars be? Will the new Ford Puma, Ford Kuga and Ford Focus start costing too much for anyone to afford? 
Lucky for you, Colton Motors has you covered!
For the month of January 2024, the prices of our Ford passenger range has dropped by up to €5000 when you trade in your old car. A Ford Focus at Colton Motors is down by €2500. The Ford Puma is down by €3000 and the Ford Kuga Hybrid is down by the full €5000.
These are amazing Ford cars by themselves, and with these offers it's a no brainier. The Ford Focus, Ford Kuga and Ford Puma are an incredibly popular range of models from the Ford brand. 
Colton Motors will also be presenting a video this week where we focus on the Ford Focus, giving you Ford car enthusiasts some of the greater detail on the Ford Focus models we have in stock for 2024!
This is a great opportunity for anyone to get their new Ford car for the start of 2024. To get in touch just send a request below, and start your journey to sitting in a brand new 2024 Ford Kuga, Puma or Focus today!