Ford Fiesta Van

Ford Fiesta Van

When good looks make good business sense.

The Fiesta Van is agile, nippy and good-looking.

Making work feel like play.

Ford SYNC allows you to make and receive hands-free calls.

Remarkably efficient.

Fiesta Van balances performance with exceptional fuel consumption.

Less fuel. More power. Lower emissions.

Delivering improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

See more in front and behind.

With the Fiesta Van's built-in navigation system.

Active city stop.

Designed to help reduce the likelihood of collisions.

Tyre pressure monitoring system.

Allows you to monitor tyre pressure while on the move.

Emergency brake assist.

Designed to recognise an emergency braking situation.

Ford easy-fuel capless refueling system.

Ensuring nobody accidentally fills up with the wrong fuel.

Clever load space with tie-down points.

The floor space allows you to store and transport items safely.

Cruise control.

Simply enter the desired speed via toggle controls.

Making life easy.

With excellence finance, insurance, service and assistance.

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